Sea & Summit, your grassroots company!

Located in the community of Carpinteria California, Sea & Summit was developed because our founder Ryan Kell had a need. Working as an ocean lifeguard & kayak-guide, “I found the necessity to lather up with sunscreen everyday, leaving me with an uneasy feeling about the current options out there and how they were affecting my body and the environment.  Being a ginger, none seemed to work all that well for me either.” From these concerns and another deep yearning we all share as human beings, Sea & Summit was born! That deep yearning we all experience throughout our lives is the need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. For us at Sea & Summit, discovering the Banff Mountain Film Festival revealed a path to address this. 
In your daily life, you experience all that we as a modern industrialized society have created and the conveniences as a result. Even the most mindful of us, take them for granted. While quick thoughts about what’s in your products and their impacts fly through your mind when you shop or toss them into the trash, come and go, there is a real “being” that we take for granted and continue to ignore; Mother Nature. 
We want to help Mother Nature revitalize herself by raising awareness about environmental and social causes we all are concerned with, but don’t have the time while we juggle our daily needs and obligations.  We’re here at  Sea & Summit to provide you the opportunity to support Mother Nature’s repair with your purchasing power! Visit our store and start doing your part to help us on this journey.
In The Wild
Whether you’re on the beach, hiking to the summit or any place between, Sea & Summit provides you with certified organic & natural sun protection. Our facesticks are excellent for water sports, are clean, and blend with your natural skin tones. Our SPF 30 lotion is light and rubs in with no effort. It has that nostalgic coconut smell that takes you back to vacation as a kid too! 
While our lotion is water resistant, all sunscreens are best suited for out of the water application. We realize for the last fifty years we have all been trained by false marketing claims to believe we can lather up and jump in the water because sunscreen used to be labeled “waterproof”. However, that is not the case and it never was. We need to start retraining our belief system to accept the reality. Sunscreen is used to help prevent sunburn and skin cancer. Clothing is your best option combined with Sea & Summit. So wear a rash guard when you swim, get out, dry off, and put on your Sea & Summit.
About Our Founder, Ryan Kell
Ryan is an outdoor enthusiast & athlete. Simple living and working to maintain a state of conscious gratitude for the natural beauty our planet provides us, aside from his garbage disposal of an appetite, are what he focuses on most. 
He is a mellow dude that likes to surf, play beach volleyball, hike, trail run, camp, sail, & just relax & take in the views with a cold one. He is a man of action & stands by his word. His environment greatly affects him & so does his yearning to be a part of something bigger than himself. Sea & Summit has become his vehicle! It can be yours too.  His mantra“Live Simply, Love Generously, Never Settle, & The Rest Will Come. Perseverance is key.”