What inspired Ryan to start a sunscreen company?

The Beginning of Sea & Summit

Working as an ocean kayak guide and lifeguard off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, I discovered a need. This need was for effective and safe sunscreen that didn't harm me or the marine sanctuaries I was working and playing in. Spending eight-plus hours a day under the sun in addition to being a fair-skinned ginger sent me searching for alternatives.

Determined to Create a Solution

I turned to my kitchen and put my college chemistry to work, creating my first organic sunscreen. It soon became a hit with my fellow lifeguard and kayak guiding friends. As word spread, a demand started to grow. At the same time, I found myself searching for a way to become a part of something bigger than myself. Something that fed my love for the outdoors and gave me purpose. Sea & Summit was right in front of me!

As Sea & Summit has slowly grown over the years, my values have remained intact: to produce environmentally sustainable sunscreen by utilizing responsible, transparent business practices to inspire clean and conscious living.