Dangers of Chemical Sunscreen

Why should you use chemical free sunscreen?

The conventional sunscreen we grew up with unfortunately has a nasty secret...

The chemicals used in conventional sunscreen, in short, are killing coral reefs and affecting marine life. We are going to dive into this a little bit more since research suggests it causes health side effects in humans as well. 

(Don't worry Sea & Summit doesn't use any of these since we are chemical free)

Here is what you should know

Conventional sunscreens use Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Aminobenzoic Acid; these are just a few of the "Awful Eight". These chemicals like Oxybenzone can cause damage to not only our oceans reefs, which provide the earth with much of its oxygen, but are not good for humans as well. 

Places like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Key West Florida, Palau, Bonaire, and all of the Hawaiian islands have banned sunscreens containing these chemicals since they have been linked to damaging the coral reefs. 

Oxybenzone for example has been found to change the DNA in coral cells, so that mature coral becomes sterile and unable to reproduce. In young coral, it causes them to incase themselves in their own skeletons leading to starvation and ultimately death

That's not all though. 

You may be asking yourself "well, if chemicals like Oxybenzone do that to reefs, what does it do to humans when put on our skin?" 

Studies have shown Oxybenzone to cause allergic skin reactions, to be an eye irritant (burning of the eyeballs), and found to be linked to hormone disruption in humans. 

The CDC has found that over 96% of Americans have traces of Oxybenzone in their blood and have even found traces of it in mother's breast milk. This can cause hormone effects on the baby as well as lower testosterone levels in boys.

What to do about it?

Well the first step is giving a damn.

You should give a damn about your oceans, the marine life and coral in it. As well as your own skin and body.

If you have ever had sunscreen in your eyes and it burned, that is not a good sign. That is a direct cause of the chemicals in conventional sunscreen. 

Buying mineral sunscreens is the safer and healthier alternative for not only your skin but for our planet as well. 

The Safer Option (Mineral Sunscreens)

"Of the 16 active ingredients in sunscreens currently on the market, the FDA deemed only two as being safe to use: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide"

All of our sunscreens avoid these chemicals since we are chemical free.

Instead we use Non-nano Zinc Oxide which offers the same broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays as chemical sunscreens, but without all the harmful side affects.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide *Make sure it's Non-nano* is the main active ingredient in all Sea & Summit sunscreens. In combination with other plant based ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter (See full ingredients list here) our sunscreen provides amazing protection and nutrients to your skin. 

So make the smart choice and ditch those harmful chemical sunscreens. 

Want To Know More, but don't want to read?

Here are some links to helpful videos for you visual learners. 

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