SFP 15 organic sunscreen lip balm held up outside in recyclable packaging.

Don't Forget Your Lips

Written by: Emily McDonald

One hundred times more sensitive than your fingertips, lips are one of our most important body parts and deserve some special treatment. Even those of us who are diligent about wearing sunscreen daily often forget about our lips. Our lips are different from the rest of our body and don't have sweat glands, so they lack the many natural oils we usually produce to stay feeling soft and supple. The skin on our lips is thin and always exposed, making our bottom lip especially prone to sun damage resulting in fine lines. Protecting our puckers is just as crucial as covering the rest of our bodies!

That's why we made our organic SPF lip balm. We Infused fair trade organic coconut oil with locally grown organic calendula and comfrey. Rich with vitamins C and E, calendula is fabulous for hydrating dry skin and preventing chapped lips. Similarly, comfrey contains the naturally occurring chemical, allantoin, which helps reduce inflammation and protect from UV damage. This healing herbal oil infusion is then whipped with shea butter to lock in your lips' natural moisture while nourishing and restoring them to perfection.

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