Built For Adventure

Built For Adventure

Written by: Colin Boyd


There are few products that make it into my go bag. Water bottle, sunglasses, snacks (for the kids), layers (if cold), a towel (if swimming), camera, wallet, a bit of toilet paper (because you never know), phone (try though I might - it is the 21st century) and that was typically about it depending on the climate. Yet, ever since we bought our first Sea & Summit stick, it is firmly planted in the top pocket of my go bag nestled between a couple spare band-aides and face masks. 


As a dad, I regularly find myself as a packhorse. I schlep bags to and fro - from the beach to the van, down to the river, up the mountainside, down to the lake and repeat. We live on the road, so our home comes with us, but the go bag is always packed and ready for the daily micro adventure wherever our doors open that day. Getting the lads out the door with their shoes on the right foot, teeth brushed and a smile on their face feels like a Sisyphean task, but now I have a new quiver in my time saving arsenal. 


Since the stick is so lightweight and packable, I simply breeze over the step of sunscreen until we are at the water’s edge and away from the night’s campsite saving me time chasing kids around a van. Then the application often looks like war paint or they’re favorite animal/fantasy character being applied as a mask. This often leads to 30 minutes of stick grabbing, stone hurling fantasy play as Gimli and Gandelf while I close my eyes, stealing back a moment of precious time that parenthood somehow convinced me to give away. Between the time saved during application and the games at the water’s edge, I’ve literally put hours back into my life with a sunscreen stick. 


So if someone asks what’s a smart gift for parents, I can easily recommend Sea & Summit Face Sticks to any adventurous parent whose children only need a nudge to create a world unto themselves. 

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