Quality Product

Quality Product 

Written by: Colin Boyd



If I’ve learned one thing after traveling 30,000 miles in two years with my family of four in our 1978 Mercedes Fire Truck - it’s the fact that quality products always stand up to the lifestyle test whereas the cheap ones often don’t make it out of the parking lot. 

The minimalism and vanlife fads go hand in hand because they have to. My vehicle is 23 feet long, so a 120 square foot living space for a family of four and a dog could be described as intimate at best. As a lifetime bargain hunter, I’ve been forced into adopting the philosophy that a quality product is often cheaper over time. This coupled with less consumerism, less stuff in my tiny home, less time shopping for a replacement and increased reliability on products that stand up - truly has made me see the hidden value in paying for quality products. 

While it is always a balance between what we can afford and what we want, we seek for the items that land in our vintage rolling home become as steadfast as a 42 year old Mercedes engine. This is why we love the Sea & Summit Sunscreen sticks. The small footprint packs perfectly in a beach bag or in the ‘sunscreen spot’ in the van. They’ve stood up to accidental swims in rivers, Baja surf sessions and ski trips in the Sierras. Whenever we are out for the day, the sunscreen is discrete and small enough to guarantee its spot in our bag while also tucking away out of view while on the road. Our kids have a blast applying it to themselves and each other, so for us, we don’t have to look any further than Sea & Summit to fulfill our sunscreen needs. 

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